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We warmly welcome you to the webpage of the Professor Dr. A. F. Utz Foundation.

Arthur Fridolin Utz (1908–2001) was one of the foremost social philosophers of the 20th century. As a scientist and a Dominican, his ideas were based on Catholic social teachings as developed by Pope Leo XIIIth (1810–1903) and his successors following Leo's first social encyclical, 'Rerum Novarum', in 1891. In his scholarly reflections on these social teachings, and drawing on the metaphysics of Aristotle (384–322 BC) and Thomas Aquinas (ca. 1225–1274), Professor Utz produced an extensive oeuvre in which he managed to reconcile the common goods and tasks of the state, the economy and politics with individual freedom and dignity in a harmonious totality.

On this website, we would like to introduce you to Professor Utz and his work. The objective of our foundation is to promote the publication of his writings as well as other works that are in line with his thoughts. In order to facilitate access by students and scholars to biographical and bibliographical information as well as to Utz's scholarly writings, we will successively provide texts by and about Professor Utz for free download on this site. Download

You will also find out more about our foundation here, and about the activities and events we initiate and support. Finally, we refer you to other organisations and websites that – albeit independently from our foundation – pursue similar objectives derived from initiatives, thoughts and views similar to those expressed by Utz.

We wish you stimulating reading!

A servizio del Bene Comune. Per la morte di Arthur F. Utz OP

Ten years after Prof. Utz’ decease

New publication of Prof. Utz

Review of the new book

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